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A Very Tiring Sunday Morning Adventure

Post Op Daisy has been banned from her favourite pastime, long walks along the canal bank,however…

Sunday was such a warm sunny and glorious day that she finally got to have a stroll along the canal. Seeing all the ducks, people, fish and other doggies. Best of all Nana Sue was walking to Silsden on the canal so she went part of the way to Bingley to meet Nana Sue, one of her favourite friends.

The best part of the walk was the canal barge with the a little Jack Russell running around wildly on the roof. Whom Daisy was trying to catch, unsuccessfully. There was no sign of her nemesis Mr Swan and the cygnet kids, nor Mother Goose and the goslings which meant no being hissed and no running full pelt down the bank away from them.

She returned back home James (her Daddy) panting like a steam train but super content and happy at her little waterside adventure.

More news and views from Daisy Cottage very soon.

Love Maddie and Daisy x



The sound of a big sigh of relief

The all clear was given today. The scars are healing, the fluid build up gone, only a couple of days worth of antibiotics left.  I breathed a sigh of relief that Daisy is free from visiting the vets for a while and is back to her bouncy old self. So that’s one visit to the vets looking at a mammary lump, and it is finally all over after an operation, a check up, suture removal, drain fitting, fluid draining, the drain out and a final checkup. I am glad the insurance company is taking care of the bill!! Not to mention the mess she has left all over the house with her fluid drain. And the carbon footprint being left from washing all those vests regularly.

Shh don’t tell Daisy but she is still having to be all dolled up in her designer vests (aka ASDA children’s vest). Here’s a tip don’t by dogs tops from Pets at Home for a staffie cross they don’t fit and they are expensive. Plus you can’t beat 4 vests for £2 they look pretty cute too. You could almost use them once and throw them away at that price. Actually the vests come in pretty well for keeping dark coloured dogs cool in the heat too.

A big sigh of relief was also heard from Daisy who resumed the pleasure of daily walks, nice weather we had for it too. She has been out and about terrorising children delivering newspapers, swans with cygnets, not to mention trying to pic fights with collies. She even had a trip to the doctors surgery to drop off a prescription and went looking for blackberries with her Daddy.

It will only be a matter of time before swimming in the beck can recommence, a wet giddy dog, be afraid be very afraid!

Love Maddie and Daisy x

Will this be over tomorrow?

As much as we love and as nice as our local vets surgery are, I can’t help but thinking I wish this was all over.  For over two weeks now we have been at the mercy of medication, wound checks, several visits to the dog hospital and the laundry of keeping little Daisy’s wound covering vests in stock and clean.

This is before I even start on the lack of walking, this little bundle of doggy energy who has been under house arrest. Who in all fairness has behaved impeccably, save for the odd bought of mad dashery to burn off some pent up frustration. I can almost read her mind, “I haven’t been to the dog pond, nor the park, not the dog field, and we haven’t been to Stu’s farm to see the sheep and cows and get barked at by their over anxious Collie”.

Still the vets surgery beckons again tomorrow for what hopefully will be the last checkup, Daisy will breath a sigh of relief at not having to see the evil vets anymore, well until it’s time for fleaing and worming.. but shhh won’t tell her you don’t!