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Daisy’s first time at a Flyball Comp

Just to make it clear, Daisy was not competing. We simply went along to spectate and to help Daisy with her socialisation with other dogs. And what a place to do it, I am sure Daisy has never seen that many dogs in her life. It has to be said she behaved well, she found a Springer Spaniel who she had a good sniff with.

It didn’t take long for Daisy to realise that there was something going on which involved jumping around, lots of excited barking and chasing tennis balls. Which made her pull on her leash and look at is with crazy excitement in her eyes saying “Mummy, Daddy look at that! It looks like so much fun. Can i have a go? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I? Can I? Please? Please? Please?!?”. The weather was glorious and we all really enjoyed the day. Even Daisy relaxed after a while and I found her and Daddy James snoozing in the sun whilst watching the action.

We got to see Emma with Elliot from Ruffdogs HQ and got to see Elliot competing for the Tyne Tailwaggers. It has to be said he is a just a little bit quick. And I love his matching harness and leggings. Very handsome indeed.

Daisy eventually got a little weary and grumpy at watching all the action and not being able to join in and it being such a nice day we headed down to Ilkley to see if the water had gone down enough for her to  be able to have a paddle. It had and so Daisy had a nice cooling dip in the river. Running about all over the stony beach and in and out of the water.

Then back home where  a totally tuckered out Daisy took up residence on the sofa for a long nap, her little paws moving around like crazy, no doubt dreaming about competing in the fly-ball arena.

A good day was had by all.

Love Maddie and Daisy x


Sunny Sundays, canal barges, blackberries and Collies.

It was a gloriously sunny Sunday afternoon today, so we decided to have a stroll along the canal to pick blackerries. So along came Daisy, trying to get into the canal to chase the ducks, whilst I showed her all the lovely houses that line the canal and telling her that one day we would live in one of those houses, where could watch the barges, ducks, geese and swans. You can see the canal from Daisy Cottage but it’s not quite the same as being able to see it from your patio window. 

There were all the usual  distractions including the Akita’s in the garden who always lean over the wall and bark like crazy at anything which passes and the lovely golden retriever on the other bank who barks at Daisy as she passes.

As Daisy is frightened of other dogs and she sometimes tries to go for them, in an  “I am scared so I am going to get in their first” type of way, we have invested in a muzzle so that she can safely approach other dogs and they can approach her and she will learn better body language and social skills. We had the chance to try it out when we met a lady with two beautiful Collies, and she was happy for Daisy to sniff her dogs, it went really well she was sniffing the male dog and she was sniffing her, the female Collie was much shyer and so she just sat and watched. It was really lovely to see Daisy being so calm around other dogs. And she got lots of praise and fuss for being such a nice girl with the new dogs.

 We sat and had a rest when we got to the swing bridge on the canal, and sat and soaked up the sun for a few minutes and watched a couple of the barges park up and open the bridge and go through. Unfortunately there was a couple with a Jack Russell waiting to cross the bridge this was all too much for Daisy and 5 minutes of watching the little dog  on the other bank and she whirled herself up in a frenzy of dizzy excitement.

Then it was back home again, there were no blackberries to be picked presumably as there has not been enough sun to ripen them. But we have a tired Daisy who is flopped out and dreaming of her canal side adventure on the sofa.

Love Maddie and Daisy x


Oh, We do like to be beside the seaside.

Daisy was unceremoniously dragged out of bed from her snuggly slumber kicking and screaming and bundled into the back of little red car. The poor little lady had no idea what was about to unfold. Little did she know we were heading up to Tyneside for a day and half of fun on the coast. After an hour or so of driving the car stopped in a truckers cafe where Daisy, James and myself had toilet stops and a little Daisy was bundled back into the car thinking “Is that all the fresh air and exercise we are going to get, then we are going home”.

We arrived at Tynemouth got parked up and went exploring the town, first stop being the flea market on the railway station. Which was nice but there wasn’t anything really worth buying. So off we went onto the main street to a little cafe for a cappuccino. Which was great until every dog in the area seemed to have been taken out for a walk and frightened Daisy got into if i bark at the they will go away mode, which meant cappuccino’s were drunk rather faster than usual and we vacated the area feeling a little embarrassed.

We decided to hace a walk along on the harbour walls which surround the opening of the River Tyne. Daisy pulled james all the way along and back again. Luckily she didn’t seem to bothered about the guys fishing from the harbour wall or the abundance of huge seagulls.

We then went in search of the perfect beach spot. But were met with signs like these all over the place.

Luckily the reverse of the signs were informing you of areas where you could take your dogs. So off we trotted with Daisy in tow onto the dog friendly part of the sands where she couldn’t believe her luck not only was there water to play in but there was miles and miles of it and lovely soft sand to play in. Daisy was in and out the water, frolicing on the sand, she loved it. She even manged to get James wet, he dropped her lead and had to go wading into the water to get her back. And seemed to be annoyed when we had a brief stop for lunch. Then it was back to the beach for more fun and frolics and a long walk along the promenade before it was time to check into the hotel. Where a very sandy and sticky Daisy was subjected to a terrifying bath, which she wasn’t keen on one bit. But she smelt lovely afterwards and a quick nap before we headed out for the evening.

A few snaps of Daisy on the beach.


 The evening was spent in the lovely sunset over at South Shields where it was my turn to walk Daisy. By this time she was pretty tired and was happy to stroll along the harbour wall.

Overall it had been a very tiring day for poor little Daisy and for James and myself also, so we went back to the hotel to chill out for the rest of the evening, we ended up with a very sleepy Daisy. Who seemed to think it was necessary to issue warning barks to anyone who opened and closed a door on our corridor of the hotel. Luckily this game got a little boring after a while and we all settled down for a long deserved sleep.


Love Maddie and Daisy x

Rainy Days and Thursdays… Never get us down

The sun has hasn’t got his hat on today. His has thick cloud and lots of rain on. But that doesn’t get Daisy and me down. We well and truly whipped the rains butt by having a giddy playtime in the house.

Firstly there was the game of unstuff the treats from the Kong and make a mess all over the rug. Then the old favourite Look Out of Window at the Lorries and Bark at Nick the Postie. The a good tiring game of Fishy Tug. Then it was time for a quick snooze with Buttercup.

Daisy is now one tired pup.

Love Maddie and Daisy x

‘O Sole Mio

Having heard the heavy rain all night I was pleasantly surprised that after breakfast the sun began to shine. Prompting me to start singing that classic of sunny day songs ‘O Sole Mio (also known to anyone of around my age as the popular ice-cream advert “Just one Cornetto”) to Daisy. it has to be said she seemed not too impressed with my operatic warbling. But hey it’s sunny and i don’t care.

What she was impressed by was the opportunity to go for a brisk walk in the sunshine. So off we went, down the hill and onto the business park. Upon which she immediately spots the Ecology Building Society and its lovely Eco friendly building (all grass roofed and walls made out of straw bails and it’s dog friendly meadow. This is one of Daisy’s favourite places for a sniff in the long grass. So we stopped for a while the smell of the bacon buttie and burger van across the road tempting me but alas I had no money so me and Daisy went fatty fast food free.

Next port of call was Jumping Jacks on the beck where one look at the beck and the decision was made it was not safe for swimming. One tentative footstep into the water may have resulted in Daisy going down the beck into the  River Aire and in the centre of Leeds in less than 20 minutes. Admittedly faster than the train but not quite so safe a mode of transport. It was then we met a gentleman with a lovely elderly Springer Spaniel who Daisy for once was calm around. But this is apparently the perfect excuse for doggy giddiness and I was dragged the rest of the way home.

It has then been weeding the garden time, so Daisy has been sun bathing and barking at Nick the postie. While I have been trying to tackle the ever growing mutant weeds that attach themselves to everything in the garden.

Another walk is on the cards later and much more singing of summery songs.


Love Maddie and Daisy x

Save Daisy Hill Dog Walking Field

The people of Silsden had a lovely green space in the village for walking dogs, a piece of common land if you will. Ironically this land was just off the street called Daisy Hill, and was adored as a quiet place to play frisbee with the little Daisy mutt. We have had some  great times in that field chasing frisbee’s and sticks.

Daisy having fun at Daisy Hill Field
Daisy having fun at Daisy Hill Field


But this land has now been put into use for a field for cattle. And so, an area of recreation for man and their dogs has gone to pot, been fenced off probably never to be used again.

This field must be registered as a village green. Hopefully the evidence for this field being used for recreational use for 20 years can be found in time.


Love from a very disgruntled Maddie and a worried Daisy x

Beach bum. Beach bum, she’s a beach bum

Daisy’s house arrest is finally over. So it was SuperTreat Saturday at Daisy Cottage. An unsuspecting Daisy was bundled into the car, paranoid that it might mean another trip to the dreaded vets, but no we turned to go to Ilkley not to Skipton. Once in Ilkley the back seat of the car was filled with an overexcited Daisy, who was growing more and more inpatient at the slow moving traffic in the centre of Ilkley.

But we finally made it to the beach, well maybe beach in pushing it a little but near to Ilkley Lido is a stone beach on the River Wharfe popular with paddling children, stone throwing teenagers and water loving dogs alike. Poor James was being dragged by an exuberant Daisy who just wanted to jump into the river and get her paws wet.

Ans so it was for the next 30 minutes that James threw stones into the water and Daisy went charging across the beach and into the water, had a bit of a swim and then the whole process was repeated over and over and over and over again. Until when she was totally tired a very wet Daisy got back  into the car for the short ride home. And is now snuggled up in a happy but sleepy little  ball on the spare bed watching me type about her latest adventure. A good day for Daisy? I think it just might have been.

Love Maddie and Daisy x