‘O Sole Mio

Having heard the heavy rain all night I was pleasantly surprised that after breakfast the sun began to shine. Prompting me to start singing that classic of sunny day songs ‘O Sole Mio (also known to anyone of around my age as the popular ice-cream advert “Just one Cornetto”) to Daisy. it has to be said she seemed not too impressed with my operatic warbling. But hey it’s sunny and i don’t care.

What she was impressed by was the opportunity to go for a brisk walk in the sunshine. So off we went, down the hill and onto the business park. Upon which she immediately spots the Ecology Building Society and its lovely Eco friendly building (all grass roofed and walls made out of straw bails and it’s dog friendly meadow. This is one of Daisy’s favourite places for a sniff in the long grass. So we stopped for a while the smell of the bacon buttie and burger van across the road tempting me but alas I had no money so me and Daisy went fatty fast food free.

Next port of call was Jumping Jacks on the beck where one look at the beck and the decision was made it was not safe for swimming. One tentative footstep into the water may have resulted in Daisy going down the beck into the  River Aire and in the centre of Leeds in less than 20 minutes. Admittedly faster than the train but not quite so safe a mode of transport. It was then we met a gentleman with a lovely elderly Springer Spaniel who Daisy for once was calm around. But this is apparently the perfect excuse for doggy giddiness and I was dragged the rest of the way home.

It has then been weeding the garden time, so Daisy has been sun bathing and barking at Nick the postie. While I have been trying to tackle the ever growing mutant weeds that attach themselves to everything in the garden.

Another walk is on the cards later and much more singing of summery songs.


Love Maddie and Daisy x


1 Response to “‘O Sole Mio”

  1. 1 Saint Lover August 13, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Its so nice to finally have a sunny day. Hope you enjoyed your walks.

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