Sunny Sundays, canal barges, blackberries and Collies.

It was a gloriously sunny Sunday afternoon today, so we decided to have a stroll along the canal to pick blackerries. So along came Daisy, trying to get into the canal to chase the ducks, whilst I showed her all the lovely houses that line the canal and telling her that one day we would live in one of those houses, where could watch the barges, ducks, geese and swans. You can see the canal from Daisy Cottage but it’s not quite the same as being able to see it from your patio window. 

There were all the usual  distractions including the Akita’s in the garden who always lean over the wall and bark like crazy at anything which passes and the lovely golden retriever on the other bank who barks at Daisy as she passes.

As Daisy is frightened of other dogs and she sometimes tries to go for them, in an  “I am scared so I am going to get in their first” type of way, we have invested in a muzzle so that she can safely approach other dogs and they can approach her and she will learn better body language and social skills. We had the chance to try it out when we met a lady with two beautiful Collies, and she was happy for Daisy to sniff her dogs, it went really well she was sniffing the male dog and she was sniffing her, the female Collie was much shyer and so she just sat and watched. It was really lovely to see Daisy being so calm around other dogs. And she got lots of praise and fuss for being such a nice girl with the new dogs.

 We sat and had a rest when we got to the swing bridge on the canal, and sat and soaked up the sun for a few minutes and watched a couple of the barges park up and open the bridge and go through. Unfortunately there was a couple with a Jack Russell waiting to cross the bridge this was all too much for Daisy and 5 minutes of watching the little dog  on the other bank and she whirled herself up in a frenzy of dizzy excitement.

Then it was back home again, there were no blackberries to be picked presumably as there has not been enough sun to ripen them. But we have a tired Daisy who is flopped out and dreaming of her canal side adventure on the sofa.

Love Maddie and Daisy x



3 Responses to “Sunny Sundays, canal barges, blackberries and Collies.”

  1. 1 mylime August 24, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    Wow that is a beautiful pic, looks like a lovely walk. We like to walk along the canal too, but Morph needs to stay on his long lead as he can’t keep himself away from the water..he has fallen in the canal once before too 😎

    Sounds like the muzzle is doing well, it will help to keep her on a loose lead when you meet another dog so you don’t pass any tension down the lead to her.


  2. 2 Saint Lover August 24, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    That picture is absolutely gorgeous! I mean sooooooo gorgeous! It looks lovely there. I would love to stroll up and down there.

  3. 3 oopsiedaisy August 26, 2008 at 6:16 am

    Thanks guys. It is a lovely spot, those houses in the pics are the houses I have my eye on. But any house that backs onto the canal would be great. We are close to the canal, come out of our back door, through our next door neighbours yard and up a alley way which is about 20 yards long and you are striaght onto the canal.

    I tend to keep Daisy on a short lead along the canal as I made the mistake of having her on long lead and she jumped straight in, she was loving it swimmming nicely until she and I realised that there was no way she could out again. Luckily I had my friend Julia staying over and when we saw the panic starting to develop in Daisy’s eyes we got down on ur belly’s on the bank and she grabbed Daisy’s collar and I grabbed her harness and we hauled her out, good job she is only a 20kg dog or we would have struggled to get her out.

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