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One word from Mum and I do as I like

It’s a lovely sunny Saturday morning so we took Daisy out for a morning constitutional as we are going to be out quite a lot today. So it was off to the stream fir a quick dip, can’t say I envied her much as although it was sunny it was still a wee bit nippy out. Then we went off for a walk in the sun to give her chance to dry off and warm up a little.

Then we took Daisy up to the park for some on the long lead recall training this morning. Letting her loose interest in us and then shouting her to come to one or the other of us. When James shouts her she runs up to him and jumps up at his belly or circles round his legs.

However, when I shout Daisy she runs towards me, giving me lots of eye contact and then about 6 feet away she darts off to the right hand side of me and carries on running. Actually we do find it quite amusing that she definitely does not want to come up tome. But it is damn well annoying, as if she ever got off her lead I would have to do a flying rugby tackle to get hold of her.

So we know who is the favourite out of Mummy and Daddy don’t we!

Love Maddie and Daisy x


It’s not Frisbee it’s Snatch

I took Daisy to Silsden for a game of Frisbee. I don’t think she entirely understands the concept of the game. The game seems to have turned into, who can get the Frisbee off the floor the quickest should I get there first I get her grabbing the Frisbee in her mouth and then putting her paws on my legs and pulling until I relent and let her have the Frisbee. Should I go to get the other Frisbee then she drops the one she has and the process is repeated again and again and again Until I gave up altogether and try to stash the Frisbee’s in my pocket and we head off elsewhere.

I gave up on the Frisbee lesson and we headed down to Jumpin Jacks on the beck and Daisy went for a good old swim. She is now making the spare bed very wet and stinky but she is tired and happy.

Love Maddie and Daisy x

P.s. We  are hopefully going to Malham Cove, Goredale Scar and Janet’s Foss on Sunday so keep an eye out for pics and stories!

Freshly Laundered Blankets

As it was such a nice weekend we washed and aired all of Daisy’s blankets, cushions, throws that are hanging about the house. So the house smells a little less “doggy” now. But another problem has arisen…

How to get Daisy to move. She seems very reluctant to move from her cosy fluffy blankets. I made the mistake of folding up the fluffy throw which usually sits on the sofa for us to hide under on cold nights and folded it and put it in her arm chair. She has made a little nest in her arm chair and is all snuggled down and refusing to move. Daisy will only exit temporarily from her snuggly nest for her breakfast or for loo breaks.

And to be honest she looks so cute and cosy I am reluctant to move her.

Here is some evidence of Lazy Daisy..

Love Maddie and Daisy x


Berry Picking and Duck Wrangling

Daisy went foraging with us on the canal bank this afternoon. It was a sucessful forage and a sucessful walk.  Along the mile or so stretch to the canal bridge we managed to collect a bag of brambles and a bag of elderberries. Daisy on the other hand saw dogs, ducks, cows and even a cygnet. We yet again saw the Akita’s in the garden that backs onto the canal which only have a 4ft wall between them and freedom, which quite frankly is terrifying when they come charging  out of the house and bark like crazy whilst standing on the wall. At least we know they are there now so it doesn’t come as quite so much of a suprise.

She doesn’t seem to understand that the ducks would like to play with her.  They seem content to swim  along the canal, whilst Daisy seems to think she needs to jump into the water and hard them all up. I am not sure why she would like to herd them up. Maybe she fancies a giant feast of  crispy duck, who knows?

She also seemed to keep trying to eat the grass and nettles and doesn’t seem to understand when I try to tell her nettles will make her tongue sore.

The weather was quite nice too. I was a relaxing afternoon stroll for all. Please look at our pcitures below.

Maddie and Daisy x

Muppet Mayhem

It’s Saturday night, You’ve Been Framed has just finished and you are waiting to be forced to watch Last Night of The Proms by Maddie. Daisy looks at you with those sweet eyes and a ball in her mouth and an expression which says “Daddy please can we play for a while”. You cannot resist the look and so the games begin, a game or four of tuggy fish, a few good catches of the ball and Maddie armed with the camera.

An hour later and this is the result. Enjoy!!

James and Daisy x

One Year at Daisy Cottage

We are feeling a bit sentimental here at Daisy Cottage. It has been one year since we started looking for our perfect dog. The brief was a female rescue dog which was not too small and not too big, which was quite well behaved but still have a cheeky and naughty side. We started off at the RSPCA in Bradford, but the wouldn’t let you even look at a dog unless you filled out tons of forms, had a home check and an interview. They really didn’t have any dogs that suited us.

So off we popped the Dogs Trust Centre on the outskirts of Leeds. They were really welcoming and friendly and showed us all the dogs which suited our lifestyle. The first dog we took a shine to their was a lovely crossbreed called Poppy but we took her out for a walk and it upsets me to say so but we didn’t quite click, there was just something not right about me and her together.

A few more visits later and we were still looking for the perfect pooch. It was then that one of the Dogs Trust staff asked us if we wanted to take a look at the new arrivals building. The only problem being that as new arrivals these dogs had little or no history and hadn’t been tested in a home environment. But as we were planning originally on getting a puppy we weren’t too phased by potential chewing of furniture and we had no kids or other animals so that wasn’t a problem.  There wasn’t anything in the new arrivals suitable for us… But we noticed and empty kennel saying “Daisy 3-4 year old crossbreed, Tidy in her kennel” curious we asked about her. She was out with another family being walked but they didn’t get on with her. When she came back into the kennel we saw her cute face and her big ears and it was love at first sight. So we took her for a walk, and as all the families who had rejected her found out, and this being the reason she was rejected is that she pulls you better and with more enthusiasm than a lorry pulls a trailer.

We decided that she was the dog for us, we had  return to walk her a further 3 times to get to know her before we could take her home. On a sunny Saturday morning we went for lecture at Dogs Trust about helping your dog settle in and given a bag of food. And of course given a dog to bring home. I sat in the back of the car with her all the way home, and we finally welcomed her into our home.

The rest as they say is history.

 We have grown to love her to bits. She is one spoilt pooch and she has come to be my perfect companion and best friend.

Here is a video of some of the best pictures and memories from the last year.


Love Maddie, James and Daisy x

Oopsie Daisy on You Tube

You can see Daisy and some of her adventures on You Tube…

Love Maddie and Daisy x