Freshly Laundered Blankets

As it was such a nice weekend we washed and aired all of Daisy’s blankets, cushions, throws that are hanging about the house. So the house smells a little less “doggy” now. But another problem has arisen…

How to get Daisy to move. She seems very reluctant to move from her cosy fluffy blankets. I made the mistake of folding up the fluffy throw which usually sits on the sofa for us to hide under on cold nights and folded it and put it in her arm chair. She has made a little nest in her arm chair and is all snuggled down and refusing to move. Daisy will only exit temporarily from her snuggly nest for her breakfast or for loo breaks.

And to be honest she looks so cute and cosy I am reluctant to move her.

Here is some evidence of Lazy Daisy..

Love Maddie and Daisy x



1 Response to “Freshly Laundered Blankets”

  1. 1 spottysportygang September 29, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    What yu like?? Hehe
    P.s Harvey & Ted Say WEll Done!

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