One word from Mum and I do as I like

It’s a lovely sunny Saturday morning so we took Daisy out for a morning constitutional as we are going to be out quite a lot today. So it was off to the stream fir a quick dip, can’t say I envied her much as although it was sunny it was still a wee bit nippy out. Then we went off for a walk in the sun to give her chance to dry off and warm up a little.

Then we took Daisy up to the park for some on the long lead recall training this morning. Letting her loose interest in us and then shouting her to come to one or the other of us. When James shouts her she runs up to him and jumps up at his belly or circles round his legs.

However, when I shout Daisy she runs towards me, giving me lots of eye contact and then about 6 feet away she darts off to the right hand side of me and carries on running. Actually we do find it quite amusing that she definitely does not want to come up tome. But it is damn well annoying, as if she ever got off her lead I would have to do a flying rugby tackle to get hold of her.

So we know who is the favourite out of Mummy and Daddy don’t we!

Love Maddie and Daisy x


1 Response to “One word from Mum and I do as I like”

  1. 1 spottysportygang September 29, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    Awww bless you!!!

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