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She doesn’t like frosty feet

The weather has been so cold lately and Daisy isn’t keen on  going out in the cold. Despite having a nice snugly warm winter coat she hates it, she is even reluctant to go out in the garden to “do her business”. She doesn’t like going out in it one bit. And as for the snow, she really didn’t like that it was far too slippy for her to walk in, it all got compacted into ice and she was terrified of falling.

She has also taken to sleeping downstairs, normally she sleeps at the foot of our bed but has taken to making a little nest in the blankets and cushions on the sofa and sleeping down there at night. Which I for one am not going to complain about as she is keeping out of my way and leaving me with more room to spread out on the bed.

Maddie and Daisy