It’s Lubberly out there

The bank holiday weekend weather tempted us out of the house and up to the Yorkshire Dales for fun and frolics of a water based nature. We packed Daisy into the back of the car and headed to the hills. The closer we got to the hills the more excited she got, she got so excited in the car it was as though she was trying to say “Look, a giant play park for dogs, let me out, let me out!”

On Friday we went to Leyburn for breakfast and a look around the market, and Daisy even got fed some bits of scone by dog phobic Nana Sue. We then went to Aysgarth Falls, see the pics below, but it was a little too fast flowing for dog paddling, so she had to be content with foraging in the woods.

Sunday morning bright and early we headed up to Malham and visited Goredale Scar where Daisy was happy to explore all the fresh water stream being fed by the waterfall in the Scar. I think she drank a little too much as when she gotb ack in the car she put her head between the two front seats and gave out an almighty echoing burp.

The yesterday she went swimming in the stream in the village and today has been to run riot on the football fields. Not surprisingly she is a tired but rather contented little pooch.


1 Response to “It’s Lubberly out there”

  1. 1 prettypinkpaws June 2, 2009 at 10:29 pm

    awwwwwwwwwwwww bless her! looks fab!

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