Long time no post

… Gosh I didn’t realise how long it had been since I had posted anything on here. No excuses really, just plain laziness.

So what has gone on in the world of Daisy cottage? Things are going pretty well, Daisy has no been with us for 2 years and 2 months, wow has it really been so long!?! Daisy is doing good, she has lost a little weight and she looks wonderful. I think I am going to start eating Autarky it seems to make you long and lean and have shiny hair, all of which I am lacking.

She still hogs too much room in bed, although she hasn’t actually pushed me out for a while. She does make a great hot water bottle though she regulates the temperature in the bed wonderfully, when it is cold she comes under the covers, when it starts to get to hot she gets out and she doesn’t go freezing cold in the middle of the night like a conventional hot water bottle.

We went on the Dogs Trust waggy walks and she did wonderfully, she was really calm and showed no aggression, I think she loved walking in a huge pack.

She does sometimes get up to mischief though. A couple of weeks ago I was up all night with her keeping an eye on her after she ate a pack of cough sweets, luckily they just contained sugar, but I was up all night making sure she was not going into hypoglycemic shock. She worries me sometimes.

And we also found put Daisy loves the snow, she likes nothing better than walking along shovelling it up with her nose, and she loves catching snowballs, so much so that each time she went into the garden she was bouncing about on her hind legs ready to jump and do a backflip and catch a snowball.

Any I promise to post more regularly in future…

Maddie and Daisy too x


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