This is a little tribute to those lovely dogs I have loved and lost. As well as some that i still love to bits. 

Judy – My first Dog

She was my first ever dog. A small  Labrador cross who  came to us as puppy when I just a tiny tot. I grew up with her. She was the love of my life at the time, my best friend. She was fun loving, gentle and snuggly and a wonderful companion. She never got cross at us or any of the other kids on our street even. She had a litter of beautiful puppies who ended up in various houses on our estate.

She had a long and happy life with my family. She passed over in 1995 just before I went to uni. I  still miss her now,no other dog since has been quite the same.

Pics to come soon!!

Ellie – Ella Bella

Ellie the springer/lab cross came to us as puppy, she had the softest and cutest ears and big brown eyes. She was a nervous dog by nature, but she was a loving dog. She has problems with separation anxiety and anxiety over most situation. I don’t think it helped much as my Mum’s house at the time was full of lively people and she never quite settled into it. The decision was made to find her a more suitable home. She was re-homed to a retired couple with lots of land and who had a more quiet and relaxed life which suited her perfectly. I do miss Ellie as for the year or so we had her I really grew to love her to bits.

Spencer – The lovable Jack Rascal Terrorist

Spencer is the JRT who belongs to my Mum, I had the fun of living at my Mums and with this lovable ball of fluffy fun for 2 years. He is cheeky, naughty, bark at everything that moves. But he soon worms his way into  your life and your heart. You can’t help but fall in love with him.


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